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Scenes from the Book

Denny on Ashcroft

Photo of me circa 1972 in the new house on Ashcroft. I’m sitting in the velvet chair that, in two years, would be transformed into Ruben’s Booger Chair. From Chapter 12.

Lewis Kemp & Laramie

Photo is circa 1993 when I was a fledgling country singer in Phoenix fronting my lamely named band. Two years later I would be pounding the pavement in Nashville looking for a recording deal. As mentioned in Chapter 36.

The 4-Year-Old Disney Nerd

The four-year-old version of myself in the Aurora ranch house with all of the Disney characters taped to my wall. As mentioned in Chapter 1.

Denn and Donna Summer Poster

This is perhaps one of my most embarrassing photos: me posing with the Donna Summer LP I had just purchased, in front of the poster that came with it. Note the Cher poster. Photo is from 1979 and was probably the only time I smiled in 7th grade. Ties in with a couple of the book’s chapters.

Hey, I took my performance opportunities where I could take them. The show in a McDonald's parking lot was as bad as you can imagine. Phoenix 1990-ish.

The 1974 Dodge Dart from Chapter 17

Who let me out of the house like that? On the fire escape of my first apartment as mentioned in Chapter 20.

With or without a hat, the country singer deal fell flat. Chapter 27

The blonde-haired senior show choir singer circa 1984. Those parachute pants were something else.

The 1985 Pontiac Fiero that figures prominently in Chapter 21

With or without a hat, the country singer deal fell flat. Chapter 27

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